In 1994 my parents gave me their camera as a graduation present before I spent a summer working at Glacier National Park in Montana.  As I wildly exposed roll after roll of film, I had no idea that a previously untapped form of expressing myself was being discovered.  For me, one of the most intriguing aspects of photography is how each frame is a glimpse into an exact moment of time.  A moment that would otherwise be fleeting can be studied in depth once captured. When the shutter is released, not only is a visual image captured, but so to are the thoughts, feelings and moods of the artist.  Though not always obvious, these elements bring an unspoken depth to these images.  As I wander through this beautiful mess of a world,  I see many captivating elements around me. But, it is not until I take the time to settle myself down that I can perceive the glory behind that which is obvious. It is then that I can begin to capture these splendid moments that are so ripe with feeling and wonder.